dive courses

Have you always dreamed of visiting the underwater world? Would you like to get close to your favorite sea creatures and go on an unforgettable adventure? Scuba diving may be just what you have been looking for…it doesn’t matter if you have previous diving experience or not! We offer a variety of PADI dive courses from the PADI Bubblemaker experience and Discover Scuba Diving course all the way through to Divemaster, offering every level of dive course in between!

 Take a look below and see which of these PADI dive courses suit you best! 


Please be aware that prior to taking part in any of the below PADI dive courses, a Medical Questionnaire  will need to be completed. (click on link to see the form)

If you answer “yes” to any of the questions, please make an appointment with your doctor and be sure to obtain a medical release before coming down, to avoid disappointment!

first step experiences


PADI Bubblemaker experience

For the smaller ones, ages 8 or 9, we offer a Bubblemaker experience! The Bubblemaker experience is not really one of the dive courses, but more like an hour of fun in the pool with one of our instructors! Yes, they will actually be wearing real dive equipment! We will be blowing bubbles under the water, playing games, such as finding treasures, racing and learning underwater hand signals

discover scuba diving

PADI Discover Scuba diving experience: Divers descending

The PADI Discover Scuba Diving is a four hour introduction to diving! Perfect to give it a shot and see what it is like to dive, without having to commit to one of the dive courses! After a short theory and pool session, you will be taken on a dive to a maximum depth of 40 ft! On successful completion of this trip you are NOT certified, but you are allowed to join us on the majority of our dive trips! 

padi dive courses

padi open water course

PADI Open water course: Student setting up the equipment

After completing the PADI Open Water course you are a certified diver and you will receive your scuba certification! This course, which takes about 4 half days, entails self study with the manual and DVD. We will take you in the pool to teach you all you need to know and get you comfortable in the equipment. Lastly, you have to complete four open water dives on which you will demonstrate mastery of the previously taught skills and explore the underwater world.  

padi referral course

PADI Referral course: Exiting on to the boat

If you don’t want to do all the work on vacation you could do some at home and finish with us! In the first option you will do the theory and pool work at home with your local dive shop! When you come on vacation all you have to do is complete your 4 open water dives with us! You can also do your theory online with PADI e-learning and when you come on vacation you will do the pool work here and complete the 4 ocean dives!  

padi advanced course

PADI Advanced Course: new skills

The next step up! Now that you know how to dive, it is time to fine tune your skills! What way better to do this than to take the Advanced Open Water course! Learn how to navigate under the water, identify fish and their families, fine tune your buoyancy, go that little bit deeper and much more; all under the watchful eye of your instructor! After completing the relevant theory parts in the book, you will go and practice on the 5 required dives that you just read about!  

emergency first responder

Emergency first responder course materials

Not really one of the dive courses but a one day land based course. The Emergency First Response course will prepare you on how to handle real life emergencies, taking a look in greater depth at CPR, First Aid and scene analysis.  

padi rescue course

PADI Rescue course diver

Before you were taught how to look after yourself, but in the Rescue course you will learn how to identify situations and help others you are diving with. Before starting the Rescue course you must have a valid First Aid certificate, which we can teach you here, if necessary. You will have to complete the required theory. Then you will be taught in shallow confined water and get to practice the skills in role played scenarios to pass your evaluation. 

padi divemaster course

PADI Divemaster course: Helping divers

 The PADI Divemaster Course is the first professional level in the PADI hierarchy! Once a PADI divemaster, you will be allowed to guide certified divers on their underwater tour. This course entails in depth study of dive theory, such as how diving affects our body, the physics of diving, equipment and environmental awareness. You will be taught how to assist in dive courses and how to guide and help other certified divers.