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Ben, Kay and Ryan are top notch people who make sure you have a great experience. If I ever go back to the BVIs, I will defiantly seek them out. Would 100% recommend.
TripAdvisor by samweedtrends March 2018

I have been diving for about 10 years all through the Caribbean, and these guys are simply the best I have ever encountered. Absolutely professional and efficient. Our gear was setup and deployed for us, including mask de-fogging. The Dive briefs were succinct, accurate and entertaining. They maximized our time in the water and minimized the time back to land. I could not be more pleased with their conduct.
TripAdvisor by Daniel D July 2017

I contacted Sunchaser prior to arriving on Virgin Gorda. They were extremely helpful and friendly, and worked hard to schedule me a dive at my preferred dive spot (Rhone). Upon arriving on island, they stowed my equipment and had it ready for my dive which was scheduled for two days later. When dive day arrived, they were extremely organized and had my equipment all ready, along with other equipment I needed to rent. The whole boarding process was seamless, professional, yet very relaxed an friendly. The dive boat is excellent and in perfect condition. The ride to the dive sites was very pleasant in the very sea worth dive boat. The instructors are EXTREMELY FRIENDLY, NICE, VERY KNOWLEDGABLE, AND VERY SAFE. I feel like I was in excellent hands the whole way through. I felt very confident that they were covering all the bases and that my safety was ensured. Pre-dive briefing was very comprehensive and presented with great clarity making it easy to follow. The dives were marvelous. The instructors pointed out many types of marine life, as well as highlights of the Rhone wreck as we went along. They also used a super-duper camera to take amazing photos that I could optionally purchase after the dive. All around, I was extremely satisfied with Sunchaser Scuba and the AMAZING people there. I look forward to my next trip to the BVI, when I will schedule many days diving with the awesome folks at Sunchaser.
TripAdvisor by TheWildThornBarrys February 2017

This was my first time diving and although I wasn’t sure at first I was so glad that I decided to do it. Ben and Kay were so patient with me and guided me through my nerves like true professionals. The equipment was all very good and the instruction was excellent. We were a group of eight people and the main group did four dives – I did two and a little bit …but I was the only one to see a shark! We are already planning our next trip back and our visit to Sunchaser Scuba, and would recommend them highly to anybody visiting the BVI’s who wants to dive.
TripAdvisor by Kate October 2016

I was a little unsure of diving again after not for over 10+ years. But my refresher in the pool with Ben was great! So great that hubby & I did a dive that afternoon as part of the refresher and then 3 more 2 tank dives during our stay in the BVI’s! Ben, Kay, Shon, Caitlin and Michael we so great and made our dives so great. Love their smiling and friendly attitudes. And even when we were on a boat with beginners, you still were able to divide up and swim in smaller groups more equal to your own experience. We watched young (pre-teens) and old (Paul you are not old in spirit at all and hope to be still diving with your energy!) go diving and everyone had smiles on their faces on the ride back from each and every dive. You could not ask for a better crew to go diving with in the BVI’s. It is so refreshing to see a well run company from beginning to end. Thank you, guys and hope to see you next Summer.
TripAdvisor by Susan J, June 2016

We were a group of 5 women on a sailing trip who wanted to go scuba diving. One gal wanted to try the Discovery Dive; another needed 3 open water dives to finish her certification and 3 of the ladies were already certified. Sunchasers organized a great dive plan that wow’d even the most experience diver in our group. Ben, Michael, Devin, Caitlin and the rest of the crew were enthusiastic, energetic and thorough. Our equipment was prepped, organized, filled, tightened and double-checked. They previewed each dive to put us all at ease and provided the history and background to further our enjoyment of the experience. While diving they kept a close eye on all of us and pointed out creatures under caves or coral, perhaps lurking in places we would never look. We had a fantastic diving experience!
TripAdvisor by Dennymarie, February 2016

The dives are incredible. The waters are beautiful. The marine life is abundant. Furthermore, the crew is just undeniably one of the best you’ll find anywhere in the world. They’re efficient, relaxed, funny, friendly, skilled and incredibly qualified. If you’re just learning to dive I wouldn’t recommend anyone else. They’re more than happy to stick with you if you’re nervous and they’re very informative and helpful in spotting and identifying the marine life. The dives are affordable as well. Highly recommended dive team.
TripAdvisor by CourtneyC, August 2015

My wife and I just returned from a two week stay at the Bitter End Yacht Club Resort. While there, I spent several days diving with Sunchaser Scuba. WOW!!!! I’ve been diving for 30 years, with dozens of dive operations and live-aboards. Sunchaser Scuba is by far the most professional, thoughtful, and friendly – fun group I’ve ever experienced!! Their equipment is new and top-notch. Their boats are first class, clean, and well tended to. Mike, the owner, obviously takes great pride in his operation. Ben and Kay are excellent trainers and captains. Devin, Shane, Mike, and Shaun were all attentive to our diving needs, having all our equipment organized, in place, and ready for each dive. This team was exceptional at explaining each dive site, current conditions, and potential sightings. To add to your memories of diving with Sunchaser, Devin and Michael are excellent underwater photographers. If you find yourself in Virgin Gorda, I would highly recommend Sunchaser.
TripAdvisor by Jatade, February 2015

July 14 & 17, 2014. Imagine taking 16 Boy Scouts with a few adults mixed and 90% are doing their first dive outside of earning their PADI card. Sunchasers took care of everything. They broke us into small groups for maximum safety and enjoyment. On the fly they adjusted our weighting as the dive went on, BUT the most impressive thing was how their and our equipment was organized for “each” of us. It felt like personal service. We dived 2 times one at the Rhone Wreck and the Little Grotto and Seal Dog Island. Both days the Sunchaser company made the dives for everyone unforgettable by talking to us before the dive and pointing/gesturing during the dive. By far one of the worlds best dive companies. –Boy Scout Troop 642.
TripAdvisor by Jchtetobin, July 2014

We hadden met de mensen van Sunchaser een super mooie duik ervaring, zo professioneel en mooie duiken. Kon eigenlijk niet beter.
We zijn twee keer afgedaald en 1 keer was het een wrak duik naar een klein vliegtuig, was echt top en dit was op ongeveer op 10 meter, de begeleiding was gewoon top geregeld, ook de boot waar we mee gingen was goed uitgerust, alles was duidelijk en goed georganiseerd, ook de spullen stonden allemaal klaar en waren top in orde. ook werd je geholpen met het aandoen van de equipment.
De tweede duik was er een waar we door een spelonk gingen in de rotsen en een grot bezochten, gewoon geweldig om dit mee te maken.
Alleen maar lof voor de bemanning.
Voor mij een van de best georganiseerde duiken tot nu toe.
TripAdvisor by CoM, February 2014

My wife and I recently spent 10 days at the Bitter End Yacht Club on Virgin Gorda, BVI.
While there, my wife encouraged me to get in a few dives while she relaxed on the beach. So, when I met the good folks at Sunchaser Scuba at the staff cocktail party, I was quite impressed with both Ben and Kay and their staff (Shon and Shane).
I cannot say enough great words about everyone. My first 2 dives were on the RMS Rhone, and about 4 days later went went to Joe’s Cave on West Dog Island and Coral Gardens. All dives were outstanding – I even included 2 pictures from the Rhone of the “Lucky Pothole” and the Captain’s “Dance Floor”.
I was really very interested in diving the RMS Rhone as I first got interesting in diving at the age of 12 thanks to hours of Cousteau documentaries and the movie “The Deep”. Having a chance to dive the wreck where I had first gotten interested in the sport was quite a kick in the pants.
I was initially a little worried because I hadn’t been diving for a few years, but with Ben & Shane’s help I sank right back into diving and cleared my ears in about 30 seconds and off we went! On all the dives the groupings were excellent – the max number of divers on any of my dives was 5-6 people and that was split between 2 divemasters so we really had excellent instruction and lots of time to investigate and explore.
Before each dive Ben would go over the basic structure of our dive: depth(s), navigation, points of interest, etc which were funny and informative. During the dives he and whomever else was along (I dove with Shane) really went the extra mile to find great points of interest (thanks for finding an eel for me guys!). And of course they rigged all the gear for me so I didn’t have to do anything myself (which was nice). Ben even threw an extra wetsuit onto the boat each time for me since I really wanted to dive just in my swim trunks as the water was so warm. I never needed the suit but that was a super nice touch on their part.
I cannot wait to return to BEYC and Virgin Gorda for another trip and this time I will make it more of a dive trip and get to some of the more remote spots, dive a couple of night dives and maybe even charter the boat for the whole day and plan out my own adventure.
Once again, all the staff at Sunchaser Scuba were outstanding: super friendly, super knowledgeable about the area and the dive sites, eager to help you make each dive a great experience and full of fantastic stories about their diving exploits. If you are visiting the BVI and want to dive, make sure to get to them!!!
TripAdvisor by Mike B, August 2013

We (my wife, our son and I) have been diving with Sunchaser for about 15 years and they are the best. By far! I have been fortunate to have been SCUBA diving for more than 40 years with well more than 1,500 dives in places such as Palau, Truk, Bali, the Maldives, the Red Sea (many locations), Thailand, Zanzibar, Fiji, French Polynesia, the Philippines, the Caymans, elsewhere in the Caribbean, etc., etc., and there is no better group of dive masters in the world than Ben, Kay, Shon, and Mike. They make it fun for beginners, intermediate divers, and even the most jaded, experienced divers. They are safe (they certified our son years ago), reliable, and find the most interesting animals on every dive. They are amazing people and great divers. Enjoy!!
TripAdvisor by David G, January 2013

Just got back from the Bitter End (my 7th time there and I will do a separate review at some other point) and my 11 year old completed his PADI certification with the WONDERFUL team from Sunchaser Scuba that’s at the resort. A year ago my older son did his resort course and two dives there and Ben and Kay were absoulutely fantastic. When my son initially balked on his first dive, Kay took over and coaxed him into it, showing an incredible amount of patience. Not only did he do that first dive, but he did a second. Then he did the PADI e-learning this spring then did both his pool and open water work with Ben and Kay. For two dives we had Ben and Kay and for the other two we had Shon. I can not begin to tell you how impressed I was with Ben, Kay and Shon. They are consummate dive professionals with a real passion for their business. I completely trusted them with my son and they all made him very comfortable – a huge key for a new diver. I’ve been diving since 1987 (though had a few years off) and I am beyond thrilled that Ben, Kay and Shon have given me a lifelong dive partner. I totally plan on having my now 8 year old learn with them when he’s of age.
The dive sites are terrific, the equipment is excellent, the boats are wonderful and most importantly Ben, Kay and Shon made every single dive a complete pleasure. I would recommend them to any diver of any age and any level!
TripAdvisor by Scott, November 2012

My husband and I finished our scuba certification with Kay and Ben at Sunchaser Scuba in the BVI. The experience was fantastic. The dives were beautiful, and the staff was phenomenal. We had to practice putting our equipment together and taking it apart, but all the “certified” divers were completely pampered! I hope to go back and dive with them again very soon!
As written on Subadvisor by Bethterry