The diving in the BVI is absolutely stunning, from dives on shallow coral reefs to deeper wrecks! Angel fish, flamingo tongues, eels and turtles, just to name a few creatures that you can find on these amazing dive sites!

Where we take you diving will depend on the day’s weather conditions and our divers, but we guarantee showing you some of the best spots in the BVI!

Below you can find an overview of our most frequently visited dive sites! Find out if it is one of our beautiful coral reefs or one of the many wrecks the BVI has to offer!

Map of dive sites 300x232 Diving

Northern Dive Sites (15-35 minutes)

1. Invisibles (30- 60ft) Two underwater pinnacles which never break the surface, no matter how  rough the sea Chikuzen good Divingconditions! Spot all types of marine life and beautiful coral. A great spot for diving when the conditions are right!

2. Chikuzen (50- 85ft) This Korean refrigerator ship went down in the 80’s while being towed out beyond Anegada. She lays 8 miles from any feature making her an oasis for larger creatures and massive schools of fish!

Mountain Point (20 minutes)

Mountain Point good Diving3. Cowsmouth (15-50ft) Swim under two shallow arches to find yourselves on the east side of Mountain Point, surrounded by beautiful coral formations and plentiful marine life!

4. Big Grotto (15-40ft) Follow the contours of the headland guiding you into a cathedral like room filled with boulders and clear shallow water!

5. Little Grotto (15-30ft) One of our many beautiful shallow coral reefs with great coral formations and a fantastic cave like tunnel. This is one of the dive sites that is a great spot to slow down and take in the macro life!

Dog Islands (20-25 minutes)

6. Seal Dog Rock (30-65ft) A pinnacle dive which offers great marine life including the poThe Reef in the Dog Islands Divingssibility of spotting larger pelagics.

7. Seal Dog Island (20 – 80ft) A great dive to ride the swell through the boulder valleys spotting many a lobster on the way!

8. Ledges (20-75ft) Dive under the ledges towards the depths where you will find a southern stingray cleaning station. Even if the rays are absent, a great spot to find large schools!

9. Bronco Billy (30-40ft) Jaques Cousteau’s favourite dive in the BVI with beautiful coral canyons. A great place to see some of the healthiest Staghorn coral in the BVI!

Chimney good Diving10. Visibles (20-45ft) Circumnavigate the underwater pinnacle finding plentiful marine life coupled with the chance of seeing more elusive creatures cruising by.

11. POS (40-70ft) A deeper dive often coupled with a current, making it a great place to spot pelagics and large curious barracudas.

12. Chimney (20-45ft) Named after a rock climbing term where you will swim through a narrow opening between two cliff faces, ending the dive spotting Spanish lobsters in the large coral heads under the boat.

13. Coral Gardens (20-55ft) Enjoy a beautiful dive exploring the corals or take the swim out to the plane wreck, which went down in May 1993.

14. Wall to Wall (40-75ft) A finger stretches into the deep. Named after the amount of fish you will encounter when diving on this slow paced exploration!Plane at Coral Gardens good Diving

15. Joe’s Cave (15- 45ft) Investigate the large boulders, spotting a variety of marine life  and ending the dive exploring a cave like structure filled with glassy sweepers which reflect the incoming light!

16. Flinstones (40-60ft) Named after the quarry in Bedrock due to its huge boulders and topography. A great place to see passing eagle rays and the occasional nurse shark while diving!

Ginger Island (30 minutes)

17. Alice in Wonderland (50-75ft) Feel like Alice in Wonderland as the huge mushroom corals and reef structure take your breath away. A great place to spot turtles and other more elusive reef dwelling creatures. One of the nicest coral reefs that you will encounter in the BVI.

18. Ginger Steps (35- 100ft) Make your way down three large steps to a maximum depth of 100ft with crystal clear water all around you!

Cooper Island (35 minutes)

19. Cistern Point (25-50ft) Slowly make your way around the headland searching every nook and cranny for reef dwelling creatures such as lobsters, puffers and the not so shy tarpon which can grow over 6ft in length.

Local Reefs1 Diving20. Vanishing Rock (30-50 ft) This is one of the dive sites where a current is often found. When diving on this pinnacle you will find that she offers some of the most spectacular pillar coral found on the coral reefs of the BVI. With large schools of horse eye jacks, sharks, turtles, lobster and much more.

21. Chromis Reef (25-40ft) A nice shallow reef dive which allows you to explore the cracks and  crevices off Cooper Island. As the name suggests, plenty of blue chromis will join you on this dive.

22. Wreck Alley (45-85ft) Come and see the final resting place of the Mary L, Pat, Beata, and Joey D sunk in the depths as early as 1991. Play with the fields of garden eels who surround them and maybe spot a southern stingray laying in the sand. Where else can you go diving and find four wrecks on one dive?

Salt Island (40-45 minutes)RMS Rhone good Diving

23. RMS Rhone Bow (60- 85ft) Dive the BVI’s most famous wreck with a fascinating historical tour showing you the crowsnest, pillars, lifeboat davits, signalling canon and see where Jacqueline Bisset escaped while filming the movie The Deep.

14. RMS Rhone Stern (15-65ft) The stern section of the Rhone where you will see the dance floor, Captain Willie’s silver sipping spoon, stroke the lucky porthole and see the massive bronze propeller.